HELP! I can't drink ALL of my water!

HELP! I can't drink ALL of my water!

EVERYONE starting the code red lifestyle struggles with getting their water in. We have put together a list of leader/coach approved tips and tricks for getting your water in every SINGLE day. Pick some and try. You can do this!

*START early. The minute your feet hit the ground start sipping. Have it at your bedside ready to go.

*Do the "10 sip trick" - Every time you pick up your bottle, take 10 sips. 

*Never go anywhere without your water bottle. If you have it with you, this will help.

* Be cautious of getting "behind" on drinking the water and having to CHUG it. This is what usually causes problems for people.

* Drink room temp or warm. Cold water can cause nausea for some people. 

*Try adding something and see if that helps. Here is an article about that. What can I add to my water?

*CUT out all other beverages. They interfere with water drinking. 

*Get a gallon container and a smaller bottle. Keep filling the smaller one until the gallon is gone. No more having to count water bottles.

*Drink the first bottle hot (it relaxes you) with flavoring (like orange Ultima with nutmeg in it, like orange spice tea)

*Set alarms on your phone at specific intervals.

*keep a gallon jug with me at all times to keep filling your water bottle.

*Get a water jug that you enjoy drinking out of one that’s just yours and you want to show off - Code Red personalized one.

*Using a straw makes ALL the difference for some people. 

*From one rebel: Don’t be afraid to mix it up. If a straw isn’t working for you anymore, try a gulp lid bottle. Switch it up throughout the day if you need to, going back and forth. I love finishing off my last 16 oz with hot water and a tea bag

From another rebel: a buddy to partner up with and check on each other's water consumption throughout the day. A lot of times we lose track of time and not realize we're running behind schedule.

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