Your monthly cycle and losing weight

Your monthly cycle and losing weight


So frustrating to be losing weight and then your monthly cycle hits! Well, we do understand that this time of the month can be challenging. Let’s chat about some hints/tips and ideas to get you through this “period” of time.

 First stop: Watch this video by Cristy

*Be KIND to yourself during this time – extra sleep – extra water – extra down time if needed. Your body will be a little stressed so treat it well. Can you take a bath or do something to relax? 

*Realize that a weight gain or weight stall is normal.

*HOWEVER, this is not an excuse to get off track. Stay the course!

*Know that you might have cravings: Make sure that you have your nice tea to sip and your sugar free gum to chew when they hit. Being prepared for cravings is half the battle.

*For some women, if bloating is an issue you can try a cup of dandelion root tea. It helps detox and gently decrease bloating.

*This too shall pass! Hang in there! 

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