Why does my breath stink? Why does my mouth taste like metal?

Why does my breath stink? Why does my mouth taste like metal?

Some people that eat CODE RED will experience a sudden onset on bad breath or metallic taste. WHY does this happen: Well, simply put when your body breaks down fat for energy instead of carbs, it converts the fatty acids into chemicals called ketones. It then disposes of the ketones through both exhalation and urination

Here are some thoughts about this that might help! 


1.    People eating CR experience these symptoms LESS because of the water we drink. So make sure that you are drinking 100% of your water each day. 

2.    Eating extra veggies will raise your complex (good) carb numbers and should lessen the symptoms. (leafy greens, carrots, onions, squash, beets are moderate carb veggies)

3.    Chewing sugar free gum

4.    Although this is a chemical issue always make sure you are performing GOOD oral hygiene (brushing/flossing)

5.    Focus on fat and not protein. Make sure you are getting your good quality fats in with each meal.


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