Why am I constipated or have loose stools?

Why am I constipated or have loose stools?

You have a change in your bowel movements because you have radically changed your eating. You are also getting rid of toxins and chemicals. Give your body some time to adjust. Drink plenty of water. Eat lots of veggies. Lots of items that might help here ‚Äčhttps://www.amazon.com/shop/coderedlifestyle
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      Are you eating CODE RED and seeing changes in your bowel movements? We will go over a few things that will help, but first let’s review what is happening. Here are some thoughts. Give your body some time to adjust. You have changed your VOLUME of ...
    • Should I be worried about loose skin?

      Thank you so much for asking about sagging skin, loose skin and other skin weight loss related issues.    Our fearless leader Cristy did a great video on this topic and we think it is worth a watch!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf63xkGauIw    
    • I just signed up for the challenge and paid. I haven’t received my welcome email.

      Be sure to check your junk mail and all of your spam folders. We find that often times our emails fall into these folders. Also, you will want to search using the word “Cristy” and the word “support”. Wait a few hours and check spam/junk folders ...
    • What should I do if I have a question?

      Search the knowledge base using this help page. (use key words) Search the app using key words and the magnifying glass.  You can also click on the PLUS SIGN in the help desk and submit a ticket. 
    • What can I add to my water?

      CODE RED items that you CAN add to your water * Citrus, cucumbers, berries as an infusion * Small amounts of lemon or lime juice * ONE tea bag for flavor (but no added sweeteners) *ULTIMA CODEREDLIFESTYLE.COM/ULTIMA (use CODERED for a discount) ...