Why am I SO cold?

Why am I SO cold?

Why am I always so cold?


Cari here and I want to share some thoughts about being cold since starting the CODE RED lifestyle. I wish I had a definite answer for you.  I have been asked this so many times and I have come up with some good theories.


1.     You weigh less and you have less fat. Fat = insulation. Less insulation means you are now colder than before. This has been the case for me. 

2.     If you are NEW CR REBEL, being cold is a common sign of detox. Make sure your electrolytes are on point and it will get better!

3.     Drinking lots of water could be making you colder. Try drinking warm water or even room temp. This has helped many people warm up.

4.     Not CODE RED RELATED: but if your thyroid is slow you will often feel cold. The thyroid controls your internal temp.  

5.     Low blood sugars- the CR lifestyle will help even out this issue.

6.     Low iron – heavy periods or low stomach acids can cause this.

7.     Low B vitamin levels

#4-7 can be addressed by your doctor so please don’t supplement without checking with them FIRST! 

8.     Hormones can shift as you lose weight can also affect how cold you feel. Remember her that hormones are stored in fat cells and are released as we lose weight. 

9.     You may feel colder in between meals and this is normal for CODE RED rebels when you are NOT digesting food. Hang tight and if this is the issue, it will rise at your next mealtime. 


Keep in mind that it could be ONE of these or a combo of a few. Be sure to check with your primary care provider if you are concerned. 

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