When you are sick and eating CODE RED

When you are sick and eating CODE RED

We are so sorry you are sick. We hope you feel better soon! In the meantime, here are some thoughts.
  1. Extra water: your body needs water to help flush out the sickness. You can drink your water warm, with a tea bag or even cold if that feels better – but you need to keep up on your water intake.
  2. Extra sleep: Don’t try to make it through being sick without sleeping more. When you sleep, your body regenerates and repairs. You need this time!
  3. Don’t stray from the food list! Lots of people are tempted to eat crackers and soda when sick. NOT worth it to eat these sugar/carb heavy foods. If you are nauseated, don’t eat and just sip fluids.
  4. If you are hungry eat bland foods. Plain chicken breast, sugar free jello if needed, chicken/beef/veggie broth.
  5. Try making/purchasing some bone broth. Here is a recipe: https://wellnessmama.com/5888/bone-broth/  (but there are lots of recipes out there) This stuff is nutritious and will keep you hydrated.

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