Tell me more about VITAMIN D

Tell me more about VITAMIN D

Great question! Here is a video that Cari created regarding Vitamin D.’s

Let's take a second to talk about Vitamin D. It is estimated that the majority of the people in North American suffer from chronically low Vit D levels. It is thought that it could be caused by more of us working indoors, the push for everyone to use daily sunscreen and our decreasing food quality due to soil nutrient changes. No matter the cause, it is a concern! Humans need vitamin D for so many of our everyday functions. Listed below are just a very few of the reasons Vitamin D is so vital to your health.  Here is a great article that Dr. Hyman wrote about this subject.


*Maintain the health of bones and teeth

*Regulates insulin levels

*Supports lung function

*Promotes the absorption of calcium and helps prevent osteoporosis

*A potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth

*Helps regulate our immune system

*Aides in regulating high blood pressure

*Plays a role in prevention of infections and chronic diseases

*Plays a role in muscle metabolism and function

*Protects brain cells through detoxification pathways

*Normal serum Vit D levels can help with depression 

*Decreases risk of Type I and Type II diabetes

*Has an anti-inflammatory effect in people with irritable bowel disease


WOW – that’s amazing! It is pretty well accepted that Vitamin D is needed and often lacking. So what should you do? Please DON’T head to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle of no name vitamin D. Unless you find a quality source, you will only have urine that is expensive and the Vitamin D will not end up where it belongs. You need to find a Vitamin D that is highly “bioavailable”. (Bioavailability: the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.)

We think CODE RED VITAMIN D is awesome and we offer it for a good price. Wherever you get it, make sure it is has high bioavailability and that you actually take it!


Link to purchase CODE RED Vitamin D gel capsules:


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