Here are some thoughts that might help.
  1. In the CODE RED life, we believe SLEEP is the number one rule in weight loss. You can do EVERYTHING right, but if you don’t sleep you will not lose weight.
  2. Consider getting a fit bit. They are a low-cost way to get an accurate picture of your sleep patterns.
  3. Explore this website. There are articles on EVERY aspect of sleep. This link is to a list of healthy sleep habits you can start today. You cannot just take medicine to sleep if you are not utilizing the non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  4. No caffeine after 1200. The half-life of caffeine is very long. So you will still have caffeine in your system at bed time.
  5. If you need medications to help you sleep, we recommend starting small and working your way up. A melatonin blend or melatonin works well to start with. Here is one brand we like. You can check out ALL of our CR approved supplements here:
  6. Two other OTC formulas that seem to work well is Benadryl (25-50mg/night) or doxylamine succinate 12.5 (1/2 of a tab) to a full tab/night.
  7. This is a great article on the importance of sleep.
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