Salt, salt, salt!

Salt, salt, salt!

Sadly, SALT has been blamed for what SUGAR did! We have an amazing video that we think you should watch that explains how increasing your salt levels is essential with eating CODE RED. These ideas of eating low salt are based on outdated dietary guidelines that were written in the 1950’s and not based on science. Here are some amazing thoughts to consider!


*Low salt diets decrease stomach acid and can interfere with digestion

*When you crave sugar, you could be needing salt. This is due to the reward system in the brain becoming hyperactivated when low on salt.

*Having a diet TOO low in salt can also increase insulin resistance. 

*We suggest that you eat REDMOND REAL SALT! It has not been bleached and processed. It comes from an ancient ocean and has a good source of calcium and iodine. To purchased head here use Codered15 for a discount.

Here is the link to the book based on this video



** If you are under the care of a physician for kidney or heart issues, you should follow your doctor’s orders. 


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