Living Without a Gallbladder & the CODE RED Lifestyle

Living Without a Gallbladder & the CODE RED Lifestyle

Here are a couple of things that you might want to consider. BUT FIRST.. watch this video by Cristy!
  1. The gallbladder is the “purse” that holds digestive enzymes that help break down fats when you eat them. Since we eat a high fat lifestyle, this can post a problem as the body now doesn’t have the ability to regulate when the enzymes are released.
  2. Consider how LONG is has been since your surgery. For some people, where they are at 1 month from surgery will feel differently than how they are doing 1 year from surgery. Things may change.
  3. For people who are bothered by fats, we suggest shifting to a more plant-based fat and less animal-based fats. This seems to work for lots of rebels.
  4. Keep a food diary so you can pinpoint which foods bother you the most. For instance, some people will have trouble with bacon but can eat sour cream with no problems. This will be valuable information for you.
  5. Everyone is unique. Some clients have NO problems without a gallbladder and others struggle.
  6. Avoid drinking one hour before meals and during meals. This will make digestion easier for your body.
  7. If you are still having problems, consider talking with your primary care provider about taking digestive enzymes with every meal. You can also get them over the counter under our amazon storefront supplement section:

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