Is it okay to drink pop as long as it is diet? What about carbonation?

Is it okay to drink pop as long as it is diet? What about carbonation?

NO NO NO NO NO! Studies have CLEARLY shown a correlation between diet soda and obesity. CODE RED REBELS stay away from these dangerous chemicals and we have found that soda drinking (even diet) cuts into your water drinking. So NO LaCroix, no other flavored waters, no diet soda. JUST DRINK YOUR WATER. Let your body have a break from the chemicals. CARBONATION: we have found that carbonation (even plain) makes people crave sweets and it is simply NOT needed. BREAK that addiction and just drink your water. NO EXCUSES – NO WORK AROUNDS FOLKS! Trust us!  ** Please note that you CAN have the approved items in your water (plain tea bag, infused fruits or veggies, Ultima, essential oils - food grade only)
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    • Is it possible to drink too much water?

      Well of course, too much of anything isn’t good for you. But keep in mind that too much water is generally only case for people who are in extreme situations (heart failure, mental illness, etc) If you weigh less than 135, please drink only 112 ...
    • Why can’t I drink milk?

      Cow’s milk is FULL of sugar and carbohydrates! As a CODE RED REBEL, you can drink UNSWEETENED almond, flax, coconut or cashew milk.
    • Do I have to drink all of my water?

      Yes. Your body REQUIRES this amount of water to flush out the toxins and for normal body function. It gets easier as you keep doing it. Start early and try to finish up by 5pm. If you have kidney or heart problems, be sure to check with your primary ...
    • Is it normal/okay to lose weight this fast?

      In the beginning, your body is ridding itself of toxins and extra water weight. Your body is learning to use FAT as fuel and this is a good thing!
    • Are carrots okay?

      ANY veggie is allowed.