Info tips and tricks for gastric surgery patients

Info tips and tricks for gastric surgery patients

Info/tips/tricks for Gastric Surgery patients


Hello weight loss surgery rebel! Since I (Cari) had FAILED weight loss surgery and still lost over 100lbs with the code red lifestyle, I wanted to compile a list of tips and tricks. Those of us who have had gastric surgeries are in a different boat. Read this over and let us know if you have any questions! Thanks! Cari 


1.     Get your code red cookbook-Turn to the part with the shakes

I want you to start eating at least ONE of your meals a shake. BUT not crap pre-prepared shakes. I mean blended foods. Like almond milk, nut butter, avocado (you won’t taste it) chia, flax and maybe some coconut oil. This should become your norm. SIP, SIP, SIP - go slow. You should be able to get enough to eat this way. If you need a protein powder, this is the CRISTY APPROVED one.  Use the code: CODERED15 (for a discount) You can pick the VEGAN option or this option which is a whey isolate. They are all delicious! 


2.     CUT out ALL other beverages & it becomes pretty easy to drink the water. Sip through a straw if you are allowed. Drink your water room temp or warm. Sip constantly. Stay on track. It will take time to work up to your water goal, but you can do it. Remember: NO other beverages to drink until you are getting that water in. 


3.     Avoid stress or manage your stress as it makes it harder to eat and keep it down being a gastric surgery rebel. If you are upset or stressed, WAIT to eat for a bit. 


4.     Always eat slowly. Sit down and take your time. 


5.     Eating and drinking together (as you know from surgery) is a big NO NO. Again stopping at least 1/2 hour before helps.


6.     When you have limited stomach space, EVERY bite has to be intentional and count. It is the price we both pay now. So be very cautious and careful with what you eat as far as quality food and you should do fine.


7.     You still only need to eat two times a day - a FULL five hours apart. You are not used to it so your body will fight you and tell you that you are DYING of hunger. I totally understand. That feeling gets better after a while. But even us surgery patients don't need to snack or eat all day. This is why getting in GOOD fats at each meal is vital! 


8.     It is time to take control from those same old foods that you could “get down”. For me it was Cheeto’s and high calorie sugar drinks. Will it be hard? Yes! But you can finally kick the sugar monster to the curb. 


I hope this helps! 




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