Thank you for your message about your water bottle. Here are a few things we will need you try before going further.

1. If this is cosmetic damage, we will need photos of the bottle and the outside of the box sent to us. 

2. If your bottle is leaking: inside the lid is a washer (it’s made of white/clear plastic). Remove it and then put it back in making sure it is tightly in and that should the trick. 
Make sure your cap is straight on the threads and tightened down. 

3. If you feel like the bottle is “sucking air”, try turning the straw 1/4 of a turn until it seals in the straw slot.  If the straw is seated correctly and still sucking air, you can trim a little of the bottom of the straw.

4. If the cap was broken, we will need photos of the cap and the box. 

5. If you have tried all of this and still have a problem, please submit to this ticket email photos, current mailing address.

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