How do I become a leader/coach?

How do I become a leader/coach?

Thanks for asking about being a leader or a coach. I want to be honest here...It’s a tough process becoming a leader or a coach. You've got to play the long game. Leaders and coaches need to have FIRST purchased a custom program. Once you get a your custom program, you've got to lose 100% of your weight with ZERO mistakes. No binging, cheating, backsliding, etc. Once you keep your weight off for a period of time and express interest in being a leader, we then continue watching and observing you on social media and in public (if we can). We want to be sure you're upholding the Code Red morals and beliefs. We also watch to see how encouraging and positive you are to others. If we think you'll be a good fit, we give you a written exam and if you pass, we bring you on as a leader. 

Coaches are handpicked as well (from the pool of experienced leaders)and held to an even higher standard. If Code Red has an opening for a certain coach, we will approach that leader with the opportunity to become a certified coach. Once the coach pays the certification fee and goes through the certification process, we bring them on as a subcontractor for Code Red.  It is a long process and there are no certainties that you'll become a certified coach. We want the best of the best and don't tolerate any kind of rule-breaking or misconduct during the weight loss process or after. I hope this explains the process better for you.
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