How can I eat CODE RED and work the night shift?

How can I eat CODE RED and work the night shift?

Hello rebel! You will want to just FLIP your day and your eating. Here are some tips that might help. 

  • Pack your food. Bring sugar free gum. Have some tea so you can drink when you want to eat. One of the biggest struggle is eating to stay awake when working nights.
  • Eat when you wake up…. Wait five full hours and then eat again. After that….. DON’T EAT AGAIN! You will have to go to bed slightly “empty” feeling. Make sure this last meal is HIGH fat and very yummy for you.
  • You will be less tired and it is GOOD for you to go to bed empty. The heaviest I EVER GOT (Cari C.O.O.) was working nights, getting off work at 0730 and eating a big breakfast before bed. It will NOT kill you to be slightly hungry. If you are eating high fat, your body will be fine. NOW.. your brain is going to tell you that you are hungry. So…. Try flavored teas, get your water in…etc… but NO eating after you last meal that night.
  • NO snacks!
  • YOU CAN DO THIS! You will need to pre plan  all of your food for the shift. This will help. AVOID the break-room. 

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