Help! I have a new itchy red rash! Is this Keto Rash????

Help! I have a new itchy red rash! Is this Keto Rash????

If you have just started into the fat burning lifestyle and have developed a red itchy rash, first ouch! I know it can be miserable. Some people have called it a “keto rash”. Since CODE RED isn't traditional "Keto" we don't see it as often. It CAN be your body having an allergic reaction to the ketones that you are burning. However I do have some thoughts….
1.  Give it time. For most people it clears up in a few weeks
2. Make sure that your electrolytes are SPOT ON! Like mag, salt, electrolytes. Some research suggests that being deficient in those can make it worse. Try the ACV drink EVERY night. (search our knowledge base for the apple cider vinegar drink and info about electrolytes) 
3. Avoid friction of clothes and sweat (shower soon after sweating)
4. If it lasts, you can talk to your dr about antibiotics. Last resort. BUT STOP SCRATCHING THEM!!!! Keep the rash clean and dry.
Feel better soon! 

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