Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Here are some thoughts about weight loss and hair loss. Over the years, we have had rebels talk about losing hair as they lose weight. Here are some thoughts/info for you.
  1. Hair is made of protein and when our eating styles changes, our hair can react.
  2. Your hair is not “broken” nor is it likely permanently damaged. Here is a video that explains what is happening. A larger percentage of your hair is in the “resting phase” and will shed naturally.
  3. Your hair will return to where it was although likely it may change in some ways. Take a deep breath and calm down. (I know it is scary)
  4. Here is a supplement that CRISTY LOVES for hair, skin and nails.
    Discount code: codered
  5. You can try adding Biotin to your supplement routine
  6. Nioxin is also an idea that works for many rebels. you can take this quiz to find out what formula is right for you
  7. Wash your hair less frequently.
  8. Consider a haircut in the interim to make your hair seem fuller until it starts to grow back.
  9. Eat a wide variety of veggies from the rainbow. Give your body the nutrients it needs.
  10. Dry your hair gently and air dry when possible.
  11. Use quality shampoos and conditioners.
  12. Seek medical attention if you continue to be concerned. It could be a hormone imbalance such as thyroid.

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