FAQ about the "Challenge Members Area"

FAQ about the "Challenge Members Area"

What is the challenge members area?

Your 10 Pound Takedown Challenge registration now includes access to a members area, in case you are looking to participate in the challenge without having to use Facebook.

Both the challenge Facebook group and your members area include the daily challenge videos and access to your challenge downloads. Important dates and links will be posted in both places, too.

Do I need both a members area and the challenge Facebook group?

It is NOT necessary to use both. You can, but it is not required. Use both, or use the one that works best for you. 

Is one better than the other?

The main difference is that Facebook group has a community element, where you can ask questions, support other Rebels, see food ideas from other Rebels, and interact with like-minded people. The members area will not have that community element.

Your members area, on the other hand, will make finding your downloads and the daily videos a little easier than in the Facebook group.

How do I set up and access my members area?

Your members area is tied to the email address you used to purchase the challenge. Your challenge welcome email includes a link to set up your members area. You’ll click that link, enter your email, and choose a password.

When setting up your members area, use the same email you used to sign up for the challenge, or you won’t see the daily videos. 

Please note that if you’ve ever purchased a digital product or online course from Code Red with the same email you used to sign up for the challenge, you already have a members area with Code Red. 

In that case, simply use the same login information you already use. If you don’t remember your password, use the forgot password feature at http://members.coderedlifestyle.com/. That’s also where you’ll log into your members area once you’ve created it.

What if I used a different email for the challenge than I did for my digital products?

If you used a different email address for the challenge than you did to purchase digital products or training courses, you’ll need to create a new members area with that email address in order to see the challenge videos.

Do I need a new members area each time I sign up for the challenge?

No. Use the same email address every time, and you can keep the same members area with its same login.

What if I don’t remember which email I used to sign up for the challenge?

Search your email (including junk/spam) for 10 Pound Takedown, challenge, and Cristy Code Red. Look for emails that talk about the challenge, and see which email address they came to.