Do I need Facebook to do a challenge or to purchase a program?

Do I need Facebook to do a challenge or to purchase a program?

For a challenge: We now have a NON Facebook option. You will sign up and create an account in a members area and the daily videos will be loaded into that space. You won't have the same interaction as the FB page, but you will get ALL of the information. Plus you will get daily emails during the challenge. 

For a custom program: YES you can do a custom program without Facebook. You will not be able to be a part of the feedback, Q and A's and celebration calls (and other videos) but you will still receive all of the written content from the custom program. 

Another thought: We have several "high profile" people who want to remain anonymous therefore they have created fake/pseudonym FB accounts (judges, lawyers, doctors etc). That has seemed to work for them.  Something you might want to consider.

Lastly, I don't know your personal reasons for not wanting to be on face book, but I can tell you this, Cristy, the Leaders and Coaches all closely monitor the pages something fierce and they don't allow drama! It is a positive and very encouraging group. You will really enjoy the pages and will gain tons of encouragement from being a part of the community.
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