Do I have to use the LOSE IT app?

Do I have to use the LOSE IT app?

For this challenge, we are not focusing on counting calories or tracking food on any app.
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      What is the challenge members area? Your 10 Pound Takedown Challenge registration now includes access to a members area, in case you are looking to participate in the challenge without having to use Facebook. Both the challenge Facebook group and ...
    • Is it normal/okay to lose weight this fast?

      In the beginning, your body is ridding itself of toxins and extra water weight. Your body is learning to use FAT as fuel and this is a good thing!
    • What should I do if I have a question?

      Search the knowledge base using this help page. (use key words) Search the app using key words and the magnifying glass.  You can also click on the PLUS SIGN in the help desk and submit a ticket. 
    • WHY can't we use gluten-free/low carb/nut flours? It's just ground up nuts!!!

      Cari made an awesome video that explains WHY we don't use flours of ANY kind in weight loss mode.
    • How to I connect with others in the APP?

      We found that other people have the same question as you. Cari created a video that explains the FOUR best ways to communicate and connect with others on and in the app! We hope this helps!