Info on Electrolytes and Cramps

Info on Electrolytes and Cramps

We have found that due to the amount of water that CODE RED rebels consume, we often need to be diligent about replacing electrolytes. Here is some info for you about electrolytes and cramps.


ALSO here is a video Cari did on electrolytes so please watch for more information:

  1. Salt salt salt! We prefer Redmond Real Salt: Use codered15 for a discount) We are not a low salt lifestyle. Add 1/8th of teaspoon of Redmond Real Salt  to each bottle of water that you drink. Here is a great video about salt that is worth watching.
  2. Consider an electrolyte replacement. Make sure you find one that has no/low carbs/sugar Here are the THREE that CODE RED gives the thumbs up to:  


*Redmond RE-LYTE electrolyte mix or salt tabs. discount code: codered15

      *Redmond makes a salt tab. You can take one or two a day. Clean source of sodium. discount code: codered15

*WE LOVE this new product Cristy just started promoting. It is called HYDRA-Charge from Kaged. Discount code: codered15

  1. For cramping, you can try foam rolling and/or gentle stretching.
  2. This formula taken before bed also helps some clients. you can get it anywhere (Walmart/Walgreens/etc)
  3. A hot bath before bed while soaking in Epsom salts is helpful as well for cramping.
  4. If you are still concerned, see your dr. Seek medical advice if you become faint or have heart concerns.



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