Collagen certainly has many benefits and studies are coming out each week to support this. We here at CODE RED have seen the growing trend of taking collagen and it becoming more and more popular. Here are some things to consider if you want to take collagen (or any supplement really):

1. WHY are you taking it? What is the research and the benefits behind the product. Doing your own research is so important. 

2. What is the source of your product? If you are considering collagen/bone broth etc… purchase the best quality you can afford. Is this a grass FINISHED product is one important question to ask. 

3. Are you seeing results from taking the product?

4. What are the calories/carbs/sugar in the product?

CODE RED doesn’t endorse any particular collagen but if you chose to take it, these guidelines are a great place to start, and use at your own discretion.