Cholesterol and the CODE RED Lifestyle

Cholesterol and the CODE RED Lifestyle

If you have spoken with a health care professional, it is not our intention to contradict their recommendations or opinion. However, the CR life believes a bit differently than traditional medicine. Here is what is best. Do you OWN research. Read everything and think it over. Decide what is best for you! We are including some videos and articles for you to watch/read. Best of luck to you!
  1. A video by Dr. Hyman regarding statins, cholesterol and some alternative ways to treat.
  2. A great article by Dr. Hyman about fat and cholesterol
  3. Pub Med article on dietary cholesterol
  4. This is a very long and very “medical” discussion about statins and diet. If you are not a medical person, this may be a bit confusing, but it is interesting.
  5. Dr. Hyman addresses cholesterol, coconut oil and MCT oil in this video
  6. A very basic, but excellent article by healthline
  7. YOUTUBE video by Cristy and Cari on heart disease!

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      Cholesterol initially goes high with eating a high fat lifestyle because...when we lose weight and our fat cells shrink, it releases triclycerides and cholesterol which are stored in fat cells. Our body can use the triglycerides for energy but we ...
    • Should I be concerned about my cholesterol eating all of this bacon, eggs and fat?

      Recent studies have shown that it is high blood sugar levels that cause damage to arteries, not the cholesterol you eat. This is a very complicated subject, but here is a video that will help explain. ...
    • Can my child do CODE RED?

      At this time, we do not design/write custom programs for anyone under 18 years old. This is due to liability. However, we think drinking water and eating real food is a great idea at any age. Here are some ideas: 1. Check with your pediatrician ...
    • Code Red Mission Statement

      Code Red Mission Statement   We believe food holds the power to heal or poison. We choose foods that heal. We believe that society has been misled regarding proper nutrition and we are committed to spreading the truth. The CODE RED lifestyle brings ...
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      After much thought and consideration, CODE RED decided to provide REBELS the option of taking a B vitamin. Our first idea was that it is an essential supplement for our REBELS who have had gastric surgery as they are almost always deficient in B ...