Can I do this lifestyle if I am diabetic? Diabetes and CODE RED

Can I do this lifestyle if I am diabetic? Diabetes and CODE RED

Thank you so much for your email asking about CODE RED and diabetes. Below you will find articles and videos about our lifestyle and diabetes. Of course, we feel that CODE RED eating is the best thing for anyone (type I or II, prediabetes, etc) who has suffered from diabetes. We have many many stories of Code Red Rebelsb (type 2) who were taking insulin and after adopting this lifestyle, are now insulin free! (with the assistance of their physician) In addition, type one diabetics are able to reduce insulin intake. Read through everything/watch/do some research and decide for yourself. Having the information is POWER!

*People who live the CODE RED lifestyle and are diabetic will need to decrease insulin/oral diabetic agents at some point. Please do this with the help of your primary care provider.

2. Next watch this video. It is SHOCKING TED TALK about diabetes from a diabetic doctor who works with obese patients:

*If you chose to eat CODE RED, please keep a careful eye on your blood sugar levels as you find they will decrease.

This article from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) is fascinating. Doctors are getting on board!

It is a well-known fact that SUGAR/Processed CARBS cause inflammation- this is how diabetics end up with damage to feet (neuropathy) eyes (retinopathy) etc… (the list goes on and on). This article from Vanderbilt discusses the high fat lifestyle and inflammation.

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