Athletics and weight loss

Athletics and weight loss

Cristy has a very concrete stance on this particular subject because in her own words "I was a fat athlete". That is how she began her journey to discover that exercise has nothing to do with weight loss.

You will absolutely need to cut out the typical foods you would normally eat that prepare you for long-distance or high-intensity training (also known as "carbo-loading"). Those will directly conflict with your weight loss goals.  When cutting out those foods like rice, pasta, breads, cereals, oatmeal, etc., and eating only Code Red approved foods, you might notice your athletic performance will temporarily dip while your body adjusts to burning ketones (fat) instead of glucose (sugar/carbs).

However, if you continue eating Code Red foods you will notice that you will become an even better athlete!  You will loose weight and body fat and eventually perform better athletically.

I encourage you to get this book if you want to know more about low carb eating and working out:

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