Are carrots okay?

Are carrots okay?

ANY veggie is allowed.
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    • What do I do if I don’t like vegetables?

      Learn to LOVE them! Try new ones. Once you start getting off the processed foods, you will find that your taste buds will change and you will enjoy REAL food. Give it another chance and give it some time!
    • FAQ about the "Challenge Members Area"

      What is the challenge members area? Your 10 Pound Takedown Challenge registration now includes access to a members area, in case you are looking to participate in the challenge without having to use Facebook. Both the challenge Facebook group and ...
    • Is it normal/okay to lose weight this fast?

      In the beginning, your body is ridding itself of toxins and extra water weight. Your body is learning to use FAT as fuel and this is a good thing!
    • I just signed up for the challenge and paid. I haven’t received my welcome email.

      Be sure to check your junk mail and all of your spam folders. We find that often times our emails fall into these folders. Also, you will want to search using the word “Cristy” and the word “support”. Wait a few hours and check spam/junk folders ...
    • Is it okay to drink pop as long as it is diet? What about carbonation?

      NO NO NO NO NO! Studies have CLEARLY shown a correlation between diet soda and obesity. CODE RED REBELS stay away from these dangerous chemicals and we have found that soda drinking (even diet) cuts into your water drinking. So NO LaCroix, no other ...